A very difficult beginning

I grew up in a very active and sporty environment. My father and brother are football fanatics, but don’t turn their nose up at anything that involves balls and competition. My mum used to be an athlete in her days, or so she claims. As long as I lived with them, I tried to keep up with all this exercise frenzy, even if in my own creative way.

Came the time to go to uni, I moved out of their house to start my new exciting, independent adult life. Being unsupervised, however, brought up my true, so far hidden, nature: when it comes to physical exercise, I’m a ridiculously lazy human being. Also, if ever confronted with the choice of going to the gym or to an aperitivo with my friends, or acquaintance even, there is no possible scenario, or parallel universe, in which I would choose the former.

Every now and then, I would try to join a gym or go for a run, which is by far one of the things I understand less on this planet, but no matter how conveniently close it was, I ended bailing all the time(to be honest, 70% of the population do that, so I’m in good company!). For quite a while, I considered partying a more than suitable form of physical exercise.

Of course, as you could assume, I hardly met people into exercising and the reasons behind it actually being a hobby always remained quite obscure to me.

Cilia and I became friends after a few minutes I stepped foot in the office. We bonded over gossiping and food, like all solid friendships do.

I had just moved to London and I was having such a hard time adjusting to the life here,  every evening I was so tired I couldn’t wait to throw myself into bed. Every evening after work Cilia would go to the gym: I was so impressed by her commitment, something I could only dream of. So when she said she was starting her PT training, that would occupy her weekends during 4 months, I was shocked!

I told her that I could never do that and that I would be the nightmare of every personal trainer that ever stepped foot on treading mill. Of course, Cilia being Cilia, she accepted the challenge and decide to start working with me. And I promised I would make an honest account of this crazy journey.


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