The aftermath

When you start making grown up plans, there’s always the underlined hope to improve an aspect of your life. In my case, it’s starting considering mornings as a functioning part of the day – another battle that I invariably lost for the most part of my adult life so far.

So my grown up plans continuously involved scheduling some activity at the break of dawn – which for my biological clock is something between 9 and 10:30 – so I will be already up and active to live the rest of the day at full capacity.

After my first session, I learned that this is not applicable if you’re barely capable of moving. For the sake of authenticity, I’m sharing the screenshot of my conversation with Cilia, that she kindly posted the day after.

I woke up the next day and I was LIMPING. Not like sprained-the-ankle-while-dancing-on-a-table limping, but proper my limbs-are-probably-never-working-again limping. I was at the same time very proud but also very ashamed of the telling people why. In a city of fitness-addicted, I felt pretty bad being so battered after ONE hour of training. Not that you wouldn’t guess my unfitness just looking at me, but, you know, black helps.

However, a week later Cilia posted the video.To be honest, I wasn’t expecting much buzz from it, I just assumed people would just laugh at it and politely ignored it. Instead, we got a lot of positive comments and friends and people here at the office asking me when I started doing, that it looked cool and intense, and “go girl”.

The most amazing piece of feedback, however, came from a quite unexpected source. When I went back home for Christmas, all of my extended family on Facebook have seen it and shared it with the ones not online, and all of them were so impressed and supportive. It really warmed my heart and tickle my pride – you know, the days of my dance shows are long gone and I still secretly adore the spotlight.

As I said, the idea of this blog came long before I actually started my journey, but I think that it really took shape and solid roots in the weeks after my first session.

It was basically market validation, I needed to see if people would actually read it before starting putting any effort in it. Sounds lazy, but this is actually just lean methodology, saving money and energy since 2011 – clearly the part when exercise is supposed to distract you from your job, is not working on me.


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