The Place of Public Shame

As London is that place where you can spend weeks without even crossing your flatmates, I ended up skipping Cilia’s sessions for another month. Clearly learning from my experience.

So April became May, temperature kept going up (with some major down, but, hello UK spring!) and parks started to be more and more packed with people. Especially on a Sunday.

Now, in the cold mist of January the only people populating Clissold Park are insane joggers and some brave dog walker. Plus, I was too focused on surviving to care.  

Imagine my horror when I walked into a park packed with parents with kids, teenagers hanging out with friends, group of friends pic-nic-ing and boozing on the grass, multiplied dog walkers. People, people everywhere. And in the middle, me doing sit ups on a ping pong table.  

I know I shouldn’t be so self-conscious, but, come on, you’ve seen the videos so far. And you can easily guess that a month lazying around didn’t do me any good.

Anyway, Dominic, Cilia’s massive boxing trainer, gave me a wise pet talk: “Nobody’s looking at you, anyway!”

So we started. Badly. The cardio part almost killed me. Cilia made me do this jump thingy, that looked almost like a dance routine. For a while, I felt pretty cool. Well, I wasn’t …


Once over, the cardio part left me slightly, let’s say, challenged…

Second part wasn’t as devastating, it looks like I’m putting on some muscles – must the tables/chairs carrying around at work that is giving me consistency.

We finished with sit ups on the ping pong table. Or, how I like to call them, public shaming.


Dominic was probably right, but I swear there were some kids giving really bad looks.